Why is the cat spinning? Learn the cat’s language on this page

Cat’s Language: It has something to tell you

You can decode your cat’s tweets and Mia literature to a lot of things. They tell you, among other things, when to get up (if you ask them) when it feels hugged if it feels threatened or painful.

  • Meow Your cat, it can have many purposes. As a cat owner, you know that when your cat brings a loud Miav, it begs for food, plays or caresses. Your cat also wants you to welcome you, or if it wants you to do something specific.
  • Tweet Mom Cat is telling her kitten to follow her if you experience your cat tweet to you, it probably means you should follow it – often to its food bowl.
  • Rotating Your cat, it is usually a good and satisfactory sign. Cats rotate when they are happy, even when they eat. However, your cat may spin if it is anxious or sick. This is done to calm yourself down, just like when a child sucks his thumb.
  • growl, growl, or spit Cat, which means it’s irritated, frustrated or aggressive. The wisest thing you can do is leave the cat alone and wait for the good mood to come back.
  • Howling Your cat, it’s a signal, you, it’s in trouble. For example, a cat may be trapped somewhere looking for you or pain. If you hear your cat growling for a long time, nervous Miav, you should find your cat right away.
  • Friction or click Is it the sound of your cat sitting on the window sill watching the birds? Experts believe that sound should simulate cats catching prey, but no one knows for sure.

Cat body language: It can speak to the whole body

The cat’s body language is very revealing. For example, your cat means that it likes your company by arching its back. You should pay special attention to the cat’s eyes, ears, body and tail – they reveal it all.

  • Eyes Tell you how your cat is feeling. If your cat has small pupils, feel nervous or aggressive. If its students are magnified, it feels nervous, surprised or stimulated. It can also be playful. If you see your cat flashing slowly, it means it is safe and comfortable in your company.
  • Ears Their location reveals where your cat is. Forward-looking ears mean your cat is prepared, interested and happy. If your ears are back, sideways, or straight, your cat will feel annoyed, angry, or scared. Instead, they turn from side to side, and then your cat listens to a funny sound and pays special attention.
  • Body Show if your cat is relaxed or scared. If your cat leaves a curved back and standing fur, it is afraid or angry. If, on the other hand, the coat is flat, this means that your touch is very popular. If you find your cat spinning on your back, you’ll be very relaxed in your company. Instead, it, it’s best to keep your distance, because your cat is annoyed and ready to attack.
  • Tail show, like the rest of the body, what mood and condition the cat is. If the tail is in the weather, but the coat is flat, then your cat is quite happy – even careful and curious about the surrounding environment. If the fur is standing, it means your cat is angry or scared. If the tail is hidden or kept low, you have an unsafe and nervous cat. The cat waved its tail back and forth and was very excited. The faster the swing, the more angry the cat is.

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