When does a kitten have eyes? Read about the development of kittens

Take care of the kitten after giving birth

Kittens come into this world without vision or hearing, making them particularly vulnerable the first time. Fortunately, most cat mothers are protected and take care of their welfare and lives.

However, if you focus on kitten development by weighing each week, this is an advantage. From birth, kittens weigh about 80-120 grams and gain 80-100 grams per week for the first two months. After that, the weight should be increased by an average of 115 grams per week.

When you weigh them regularly, you can make sure they get the nutrients they need to get bigger. Keep in mind that breeding and garbage size can affect kittens’ birth weight and growth, which usually means that cats from small waste grow faster than cats from large garbage.

Kittens should die many times a day and sleep 80% a day. If you encounter a kitten moving in uneasiness or screaming, it can be a sign of stress and discomfort.


  • Kitten, but does not increase its weight
  • Kittens are born deformed like hares
  • Cat mother temperature rise (normal temperature between 38.0-39.0)
  • Mother cat doesn’t produce enough milk for all the kittens
  • You doubt the body of a cat’s mother or kitten

Kitten Development Week

Week 1

The kitten was born weighing about 110-120 grams. It can’t see or hear, but it can smell and smell. In the first few days, the kitten is in the female cat about three times an hour. Your cat makes sure the kitten gets rid of the feces and cleans it. The umbilical cord will dry out in two days.

Week 2

Eyes open after seven to ten days and ears open six to two weeks later. Kittens will mainly lie on the cat’s mother and die as it gets bigger.

Week 3

The kitten “wakes up” and begins to walk around and explore. It starts to keep itself clean. It now weighs about 300-350 grams.

Week 4

Kittens are now ready to supplement breast milk with wet food or soaked dry food. Remember to feed the kitten a quality food to meet all its needs.

Weeks 5-6

Kittens are now familiar with its instincts and spend a lot of time hunting and playing with their siblings. In the meantime, some kittens stop to die, but you may find them still in the cat’s mother’s nest.

Weeks 7-8

The kitten eagerly inspects the home, and as it becomes more independent, it gets farther and farther away from the cat’s mother. During this time, most kittens died entirely from the milk of their mothers. The vision has been fully developed and now looks normal. Kittens weigh about 800-900 grams.

Week 9-10

Kittens are large enough to be medically examined and vaccinated by a veterinarian. Once the kitten is examined and vaccinated, you can present it to the garden and the outside world.

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