What kind of harness | should you choose for your dog?

A dog belt or a dog belt?

Of course, when you get a dog, you also have to get all the right equipment, including a suitable dog belt and dog harness. When moving with your dog in a public place, it is necessary to ensure that the dog does not run away or get into traffic.

Here, it’s clear that people ask themselves whether to choose a dog’s seat belt or a dog’s belt, which is attached to the dog’s collar – and there’s a lot of disagreement.

Legally, it’s enough to use a dog belt attached to your collar, but in Prentorama we always recommend using a dog’s seat belt instead. Part of the reason we do this is that the dog’s harness is gentler in the neck and back, because the pressure and pressure is spread over the dog’s chest, not the neck.

Also, if you have a dog and pull a lot of belts, the rabbit will always be the ideal choice because it just better prevents back and neck injuries.

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The type of harness of the dog

Dogs have many different types of braces, and in a single type, the choice is even large. One way to see an overview of many braces is to divide them according to their shape.

  • Step-by-step braces The dogs entered them and then locked them together on their backs. As a result, the harness is tied to the front and back of the dog’s body. This type of dog harness is particularly good because it allocates pressure in the dog’s chest part.
  • Y Braces Yes, as the name suggests, the design is y. The belt works by pulling the belt over the dog’s head so that the front legs are on each side of the center belt. This type of dog harness is particularly good because it concentrates pressure and pressure on the dog’s chest.
  • Pull-resistant harness It is commonly used for dogs who often pull or need to learn to walk well on a belt. This means that they work the best limited time as a training tool to control dogs – rather than everyday use.

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