Tips for puppy training are here

Don’t train too many puppies

Puppy training can seem incalculable to you as a dog owner, but it can help you get a healthy and happy dog. Your dog needs to be aired every day, exercised and stimulated, all of which makes it easier with a well-behaved dog.

However, it is important that you do not activate your puppy too violently. As a result, an hour-long walk and more physically challenging training must wait so that there is no negative impact on the growth of the puppy.

However, that doesn’t mean you and your puppy can’t train – quite the opposite. The puppy must learn everything again, so almost all the experience will be used as training. The most important factor is that it has to be a game.

Here we give you 4 ideas on how to start a good training session with a puppy. However, good puppy training does not rule out the following recommendations.

  • Socialize through experiences
  • Training small exercises
  • Activate for 20 minutes at a time

Socialize through puppy training and experiences

At the beginning of a dog’s life, you can provide the best activation and training is to take it out and experience the world. When you have the chance, you should take the puppy to all the daily chores – take it to shopping, family visits and in the car.

When you bring your puppy into this world, you offer many different smells and sounds to the experience and have the opportunity to meet different types of people – and other animals. If a dog of puppy age is accustomed to different smells, sights and smells than around it at home, it will become a calm and unsafe dog.

Like everything about your puppy, it must be social in moderation. Socialization quickly exhausts puppies, so when it comes to puppy socialization, go “quality, not quantity.” Then you’d better avoid a stressful and overst incentived puppy.

Puppy training: small exercises

Just as children must be allowed to be children, puppies must be allowed to become puppies. Therefore, you strongly recommend that you do not allow your puppy to undergo strict discipline dog training, but to adhere to proper puppy training.

Instead, you can do simple exercises with your puppy, such as asking the puppy to look for food hidden on the lawn or in the house. Hide-and-seek will activate the puppy’s brain and introduce it to training.

Once the puppy is familiar with hide-and-seek, you can begin to train its basic obediences, such as standing and covering. You can also use an active toy with advantages.

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