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Start cleaning training with the puppy

If you start cleaning training and your dog is a puppy, it will be easier for you, a puppy. Teaching your dog some good habits is always easier than correcting them later, because tasks are completely different and time-time-necessary.

Go out every 2-3 hours

The puppy has to go out every time he sleeps, eats, get drunk, plays and moves, meets a new guest or is happy. It’s like a lot, so as a rule of memory, you can let the puppy go out every two or three hours. Then you’d better make sure the puppy doesn’t care about it.

Give praise and hospitality

All training benefits from praise and treatment, and cleaning training is no exception. Praise and healing quickly teach your dog what behavior is beneficial, and it naturally wants to repeat those behaviors. Please give your dog a treat and smile when it is finished so that it can proudly progress.

Look for multiple substrates

It’s a good idea to teach your puppy to care about several types of substrates. This is an advantage when you bring a dog to a strange environment where there is not necessarily grass. Take the puppy in different walks to make it experience the surface, such as gravel, grass and asphalt under its paws.

There is no punishment for the dog’s cleaning training

A puppy is busy exploring, eating and sleeping, which is why it is not always aware of its need to take care of or urinate. As a dog owner, this is obviously a difficult task to clean up after the accident, but with the puppy, it belongs.

If an accident happens and your dog takes care of it inside, it won’t help punish the puppy. Punishment makes the puppy unsafe for you, it can teach it not to pee near you. This will only make your two future walks more difficult and uncomfortable. Praise and reward instead of expecting behavior because your puppy will automatically try to repeat what it just did next time.

Persistent impurities

If you find that your dog is in the care when you’re not at home, even if you’re cleaned, there may be a potential problem. Your dog may suffer from separation anxiety or illness, which means it cannot be maintained like a normal adult dog. In this case, it’s always a good idea to seek advice and guidance from your veterinarian to get the dog into treatment.

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