The cat is in | following is what you should consider before you get the cat

Get the cat before the note

You need a soft playmate, can you ignore a pair of broken sweaters? Then you may be ready to become a cat owner. However, you should know that the title with the cat owner follows the responsibility and sometimes troublesome.

Before you get a beautiful cat, it’s important that you be aware of the responsibilities that come with it. There are more than one million cats in Denmark, half of which are stray cats. Therefore, it is important that your cat saw does not end up in impulse buying and later leads to stray cats. There are basically three things you should consider:

  • Do you want some kind of cat?
  • Should cats be in the middle?

Cats need patience, love and time

The first thing you should consider is whether you really have the time and desire to live with a cat. Cats are cute and fun, but they can also ruin your favorite blankets and throw them on the couch. It takes patience, a lot of love and time.

A cat is a social animal that needs your company. You should consider whether you have time to take care of and take care of your cat every day to keep it healthy. Although a cat requires less than a dog, it must still feed, brush, activate, and hug.

Also think about if there is a time when you can’t take care of the cat yourself, and if so, if you have family, friends or neighbors who can help.

Choose a cat according to your surroundings

If you live in a rental house, you should check that the cat is popular, otherwise it is useless to buy a cat. Whether a cat should be an outdoor cat or an indoor cat is an eternal discussion, and the pros and cons depend on what you choose. Indoor cats require more activation than outdoor cats, but outdoor cats are exposed to a variety of hazards. Read more about the decision here.

You should also consider whether you want a male cat or a female cat. Male cats are easy to call, and mature female cats make a lot of noise. So consider what suits your temperament.

It’s also a good idea to think about the age of the cat and the type of fur it has. Cats have different needs depending on age, and fur types require varying degrees of fur care.

Consider the meso

One of the biggest reasons for many stray cats in Denmark is that owners don’t care for their cats and don’t take care of kittens. If you have decided to have a female cat, consider whether you want to have a kitten. If cats get cubs, their rights fall on your shoulders. If you don’t want kittens and the responsibilities that come with it, your mother cat can be sterilization, or you can give her pills.

Men can tend to pee around to mark their territory and roam around for long periods of time. If you middle your Hankat, you avoid involuntary killing, its temper becomes more compassionate, and it doesn’t kill and roam so much.

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