Should a dog be strangle on a le belt? Learn how dogs greet others

Make meetings a great experience

One of the most friendly things for dog owners is to greet other owners and their four-legged friends. You can share experiences and interesting stories, but greeting their fellow dogs is not always a good experience.

While it’s good to meet other dog owners and four-legged fur animals, you should know how your dog reacts. Problems can occur especially when small breeds of dogs welcome large breeds or when puppies welcome adult dogs.

1 The dog must be on the belt

When you go out with other dogs, you should put your dog on your belt. If the dog is not on the belt, you cannot check that it is looking for other dogs that may not want to come into contact with your dog. If the dog is not feeling well, you can’t let the dog near you.

In addition to the fact that it’s good for the safety of your dog and other dogs, you put it on a belt and it’s actually mandatory when you have it with you in the public space. The Dog Act states that you must control your dog, and you achieve this best by putting the dog on your belt. You can read more about the terms of the Dog Act here.

2 Keep the power cord loose

Even if you need to put your dog on your belt, it’s important that you don’t pull it too tight. It may be unpleasant for your dog that you are simultaneously signaling that there is danger. If you use a belt to move and keep it too tight, you may make your dog needlessly anxious. Here you can read how you and your dog get the best walk.

Therefore, the dog must be belted and under your control, but the belt must be loose enough for the dog to relax and feel that it has freedom of movement. In this way, the dog can choose whether to meet other dogs and it will feel it has the ability to escape if necessary.

3 Respect the dog’s signal

You can clearly see if your dog wants to meet the other dogs. If your dog does this, trap, put your ears back, and even stick its tail between the legs, it’s uncomfortable not to want to meet another dog. In this case, you must respect your dog’s signal and take it from another dog. Even if you think the situation is harmless, your dog may feel uncomfortable.

All dogs can learn to deal with other breeds of dogs, but this requires thorough training and a lot of patience. This cannot be achieved by forcing the dog to come into contact with the dog and it feels uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to your dog’s signal and carry it carefully.

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