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What is a dog flea?

A dog flea is a small insect animal that feeds on blood. Although we call it a dog flea, in fact it is often a cat flea seen in dogs. Fleas go through four stages in their lives – eggs, caterpillars, silkworms and adulthood. It will lay 10-30 eggs on your dog, which often fall to the ground over time.

Eggs are small, oval and gray-white. When eggs hatch, they become larvae that swell within a month and become adult fleas. However, when puppies don’t need blood, they can hibernate for more than a year, making it difficult to tell how long fleas will last.

Prevent fleas

Because fleas are at different stages of their lives, they can be difficult to fight. It can also be difficult to completely avoid your dog getting fleas. However, you can reduce risk through prevention.

To get rid of any eggs and larvae, you can vacuum indoor furniture, corners and crevices at home. In fact, only 5% of the flea load was found in the dog itself. The rest – eggs, larvae and larvae – are found around, which is why it is particularly important to fight various initiatives.

If you know where your dog is going and who it’s carrying, it’s also helpful. If your dog is visiting your neighbor and is infested by fleas, it will certainly take the “guests” home.

In this case, there is nothing to do but bathe and groom your dog and give it a flea treatment.

Symptoms of dog fleas

If you suspect your dog is flea-infested, take a look. Typical signs of dog fleas are:

  • Itching on the rib cage, neck, groin, or tail root
  • Redness, swelling, or rash of the skin under the coat
  • Flea stools on the floor or dog skin

If your dog encounters some of these signs, it’s a good idea to comb it with any eggs and live fleas and give it a treatment flea immediately. Keep in mind that some treatment products require you to repeat the treatment for optimal control.

Flea treatment

If you find a dog flea in the fur, it is started with treatment. You have to remember that you have to fight live fleas, but also eggs, larvae and larvae.

To get rid of live fleas, you can treat dogs with flea control agents – for example, front-line combination parasites. Eggs, larvae and larvae are best removed by frequently vacuuming the surrounding environment and cleaning textiles in the home.

Fleas bite humans

Dog fleas like to live on your dog or cat, but you may not be lucky across fleas biting yourself. Although flea bites do not occur frequently in humans, it may be beneficial to note that some people get severe allergic reactions.

Flea bites of dog fleas usually occur at individual red spots below the knee, around the ankles and forearms. If you find flea bites in groups, it’s probably not a dog flea, but a human flea.

If you’re bitten by a dog flea, you can take advantage of the above advice while washing your clothes thoroughly (although not applicable to our advice on parasite agents).

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