Prentorama’s front-line combination of veterinarians

Flea and tick drug front-line combination veterinarians

Frontline combination veterinarians are a means of using fleas and lice on the skin. The solution contains a combination of active substances and fungicide properties, cellulose, and a combination of active substances with fungicide and larvae killer properties (S)-Melopren.

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Treatment of fleas, lice and bites on dogs and cats, as well as attacks on citroen fleas and lice. Prevent new attacks on adult fleas for up to 8 weeks for dogs and 4 weeks for cats and Citroen. Flea breeding is prevented by inhibiting the development of eggs (ovicid effect) and larvae and larvae (larvae effect) in dogs for up to 8 and 6 weeks.

The effects on lice last up to 4 weeks in dogs and Citroen and 2 weeks in cats. May be included in the treatment of allergic eczema caused by flea infestation. The minimum treatment interval is 4 weeks. Can be used in pregnancy and mammals.


Do not use with dogs under 8 weeks and/or 2 kg, cats under 8 weeks and/or cats under 1 kg and Ferrer under 6 months. Not for sick or rebuttal animals. Don’t use it on rabbits. Dog preparation should not be used for cat/Citroen as this may lead to overdose.

Management mode: For external use. Dose: Dog: 1 liquidator 0.67 ml from 2-10 kg; 1 10-20 kg 1,34 ml liquidator; 1 liquidator, 20-40 kg, 2,68 ml; 1 4,02 ml liquidator for dogs weighing more than 40 kg. For cats and Citroen: 1 0.5 ml of liquidator.¬†Attention. There is a difference in strength between dogs and cat/citroen products. You shouldn’t overdo it.

Side effects

Very rare side effects observed after use include transient skin reactions (skin color loss, local hair loss, itching, redness) at the application site, and general itching and hair loss.

Similarly, significant drooling, reversible stress symptoms (enhanced sense of touch, depression, other neurological symptoms) and vomiting and respiratory symptoms were observed. If an animal is licked on the application site, excessive drooling may occur. Transient changes in the appearance of fur (matt/oily fur) can be seen at the application site.


Do not bathe with water for 2 days, and bathe more once a week after treatment. In the case of repeated shampoo baths, the duration of the action is reduced. Avoid licking animals at the treatment site and licking each other after treatment. Treatment of treated animals should be handled with caution before drying at the treatment site. Adhesion of a single tick may occur. Do not allow the appliance to come into contact with the mouth and eyes. Wash your hands after use.

This preparation may cause irritation of the mucous membranes, skin and eyes. Animals or people known to be allergic to pesticides or alcohol should avoid contact with the product. See also the instructions for use on the packaging.


3 liquidizer boxes: 0,5 ml, 0,67 ml, 1,34 ml, 2,68 ml and 4,02 ml. Box 6 liquidator: 0.5 ml. V. April 2012.

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