Overweight | how to feed overweight dogs

Consequences of being overweight

When a dog is overweight, it has many negative consequences for the dog’s health. Being overweight can indirectly cause or exacerbate other diseases. For example, this applies to diabetes, joint and rheummatoid diseases, gastrointestinal problems, lung, heart and liver diseases.

In addition, fertility is affected by lower fertility rates, but overweight has other consequences. For example, these diseases include skin diseases, reduced resistance to infectious diseases, reduced quality of life and reduced life expectancy.

Happier dogs

As a dog owner, you want your dog to live as long as possible, but being overweight can unfortunately affect your dog’s life. However, it helps to eat well for dogs. It may be difficult to lose weight with a dog, but there are many benefits to losing weight in the end.

Dogs often become happier and more active. The corresponding pain of being overweight becomes easier to control and perhaps even less. For example, dogs with arthritis have less pain, and in general, the need for painkillers drops sharply if overweight dogs lose weight.

These suggestions are with Hann Wind, cand. Scientifically co-written. Animal science and nutritionist at Kingsmoor.

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