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dog and winter tips

  • Wash the dog’s paws and fur after walking to avoid claw damage and matte fur
  • Use claw wax before and after walking
  • If your dog freezes in the cold, wear dog clothes
  • Wear a reflector or reflective vest in the dark
  • Be sure to thoroughly dry the dog so that it quickly gets the heat back

claws and road salt

The weather in winter means that the roads will be salted. If you and your dog are on the salt road, you should wash your dog’s paws when you return to the heat to avoid claw injury. Your dog pad is dry and cracked easily, which can cause the dog huge tingling pain.

You can lubricate your dog’s paws into claw wax before and after walking. Doing so reduces the risk that your dog’s paws will dry up and make your dog uncomfortable. If the claws are dry, you can use aloe vera to soften the mats specifically for the animals to prevent cracks.

Fur, snow and mud

If you’re the lucky owner of a long-haired dog, you’ll find snow cubes stuck in the fur after a walk or play. In order to get the lump away and avoid filtering the dog’s fur, you should wash the dog with warm water and dry it. Simply locking the dog back into the house resulted in a large puddle on the floor and a cold and wet dog.

Winter can be rainy, and it can fill gardens, trails and forests with mud pools. You can try to get around the worst mud, but if it’s stuck in your coat, you have to let the dog take a bath.

Dogs and reflectors

A lot of the activities you do with your dog in the summer make you move in the heat, but walking the dog is still necessary. Therefore, you can’t completely avoid coming out of the darkness and cold.

You should know that dogs experience cold differently, depending on their fur. Some dogs have a thick and cold insulated fur, while others have thin fur while having less body fat. Dogs may have difficulty keeping warm in winter because their bodies have a smaller surface.

However, when the dog freezes, it is very individual. You can see if the dog is frozen if it is shaking or scratching. If your dog has a hard time keeping a cold out, you can buy dog clothes to reduce their risk of getting sick.

In winter, their numbers are light hours, which is why dog owners usually end up walking in the darkness of the pods. In the dark, dogs are best wearing reflective collars or reflective vests to secure. Then you will see from 300 meters instead of only 25 meters.

Walk in the cold of winter

If you are the owner of a beautiful short-haired dog, you may escape tangled fur with snow and mud. However, short-haired dogs need to be as dry as long-haired dogs after a walk.

No matter what type of dog you have, it’s important that the dog washes your paws and dries between the mats and claws. This is the only way to avoid eczema and dry sand and mud. Dry the dog thoroughly with a towel and use a cotton swab between the toe and the mat.

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