How old is the cat? Learn about the age and anatomy of cats

The name and name of the cat

Dear cat has many names – wrong, cat mother, wild cat, roommate, lady and so on. You know the Latin name of the cat Feliz Sylvesterius KatusDoes that mean happiness and wild cats?

Initially, it’s name Feliz KatusIt means a happy cat. The name comes from the relaxed and happy life of domesticated cats, in stark contrast to wild cats. However, when animal experts discovered that domesticated cats were the offsomes of wild cats, the name was updated – so the name was “Happy and Wildcat.”

The age and life of the cat

Cat life expectancy depends largely on genes, care, diet and exercise. If a cat lives a healthy and beautiful life, it lives a long life. Did you know that cats live longer than outdoor cats?

Indoor cats are about 12-18 years old, of which outdoor cats are usually no older than 10 years old. Outdoor cats can be exposed to dangerous situations such as traffic accidents and infectious diseases. Of course, there are outdoor cats that live longer, especially if they have solid food sources and dry and hot hiding places.

If you think cats are not very old, remember that the age of cats corresponds to the human year. For example, if your indoor cat is 14 years old, it is equivalent to 72 years of human years. If you have an outdoor cat, yes, it’s the equivalent of 120 years of human years. Then there’s nothing to say about cats turning white

In the illustration below, you can find out for yourself how big your inner cat or outdoor cat really is:

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