How much should the puppy sleep? Get suggestions on this page

Create safety and intimacy for puppies

Dogs are social creatures, so they prefer not to sleep alone. When you take your new puppy home, remember that it comes from a safe and familiar environment, where it is used to sleep with its mother and siblings. As a result, living in a foreign country can suddenly feel stressful.

Dogs need your closeness, especially when your family calms down at night. Your proximity provides safety and helps prevent puppy separation anxiety. It is important to remember this even if the dog should not end up in the bedroom at night. If you want your dog to sleep in a different room than you, you can approach the first night in a different way:

  • Sleep next to your puppy, where it will sleep in the future
  • Let the puppy sleep in the room where you sleep, and then gradually move it out of the room

decide where to sleep

If you don’t want your dog to sleep in the bedroom, it may be beneficial to teach the dog where he or she will sleep in the future. Since puppies, especially in the early days need your presence, you must be prepared to sleep with your dog on the first day.

You may want to sleep on the mattress next door because it allows your puppy to lie on you if it needs contact. Your puppy will usually be close to you for 1-5 nights and then you will be able to move your mattress farther. You should be able to go back to your bed within 1-3 weeks while having a happy and safe dog.

Alternatively, you can have the puppy sleep in his own basket by the bed. If your dog becomes uncomfortable, you can choose to put your hand so that it can feel you. Gradually, you move the basket out of bed and into the room where the dog will sleep. In this way, it will have a chance to calm down without pressure.

Give the puppy peace and quiet

Calm, safe and happy puppies need 12-18 hours of sleep a day. This may surprise you, but it is necessary for your dog to develop and healthy dog life. So don’t panic as the puppy sleeps 24 hours away, which is completely natural in such a small size. What you need to make sure is that the puppy has its own place where it can grow big, happy and powerful.

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