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Cats may be at home alone

In most cases, cats have no problem staying at home alone at work, for example, as long as they have access to fresh water and feed.

If your cat is going to be alone at home for a long time, such as a weekend, you must provide daily supervision. Outdoor cats find it easier to support themselves because they provide their own food while being activated. Indoor cats, on the other hand, rely on their owners, both of which are feeding and activating.

You can agree with friends or neighbors who provide daily clean water, delicious food and clean garbage trays. Your cat will appreciate it if visitors check to see if they are doing well and spend a little time in social contact. They can play and hug cats or sit down with a good book for an hour. It is a good idea if the tourist is known to the cat so that there is no unnecessary insecurity during supervision.

Signs of cat separation anxiety

If your cat is difficult to stay at home alone, it often appears on your return as impurities or over-activity. If you find the cat being cared for inside or it’s moving around, it may be uncomfortable and you lack the presence.

This behavior may be something cats learn from the kitten phase, but it can also be a reaction to not be active for too many hours. Bringing a cat to a veterinarian and ruling it out as a disease that causes cat behavior is a benefit. Understand the language of the cat (body).

Let the cat go home alone

If you want to dress the cat and be alone at home, you should start the process when it is a kitten. If cats learn to be at home alone from a very young age, the risk of separation anxiety is greatly reduced.

It’s always a good idea to carry on gradually when cats need to get used to being alone. First, let the kitten get used to being alone in the room with a closed door while you are still at home.

Make sure the cat has food and water, a cat bed and scraper, as well as its favorite toys. Gradually, you can get used to being alone longer and eventually leave it free at home while you’re away.

Prevent cat separation anxiety

The most important thing to remember is that your cat should still be activated, even if it actually takes care of itself. Please give it the activation of toys, such as feed balls, and the cat will use its wisdom and effort to get “its prey”. We have more activation tips right here.

In some cases, separation anxiety can be avoided by obtaining two cats. Although cats hunt alone, they are social animals that can easily benefit from them. If you choose two cats of the same age and head, they can activate and keep each other alone at home. It’s a good idea to join forces with cats so that no power struggles and unwanted kittens happen.

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