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1 Vaccinate the cat

The cat was vaccinated at the local veterinarian. Kittens can be vaccinated from 8 weeks, but you can usefully wait until it is 12 weeks. Then your kitten has a chance to settle down, so the vaccine is less stressed.

The vaccine can prevent cat disease and cat flu. These diseases, if not treated promptly and appropriately, have life-threatening consequences. If your cat moves out or is in contact with other cats, we recommend that you also be vaccinated against cat leukemia.

2 Designate and register cats

Cat protection recommends that all cat owners designate and register cats. The designated use will increase your chances of getting the lost cat back and it ensures you contact if your cat is injured. Animal clinics can search the cat register for ear tags and get information about cats and their owners. In this way, the cat will have the best chance to be reunited with you.

You can also search and search for cats for designated purposes on the Danish Cat Register.

3 Feeding the cat properly

It is important to find the right feed for your cat. You have to remember that cats are predators, so they need protein-rich feed. Some cats have special needs that you need to be aware of – this applies to kittens, old cats and long-haired cats.

The right food can help support digestion, vision and immune function and ensure that your cat’s fur is shiny. Therefore, we recommend providing a source from the Vitarex family that supports this only. You can read more here at or visit animal experts at our local plant centre.

4 Consider the medium cat

Female cats reach sexual maturity when they are five to ten months old, from February/March to late autumn. When a cat matures, it becomes very nervous, some cats become unclean, and they start to lose weight. The male cat also changed his behavior during the semester. It often begins to mark its territory by making weekly visits to furniture and walls.

You need to consider whether to zhongn your cat because it may be difficult to live with the cat mature. Neutrality reduces the cat’s restlessness or aggressiveness, and reduces the cat’s Miavin. Tell your veterinarian what’s the best solution for you, and maybe when it’s the best to middle your cat.

5 Activate and stimulate the cat

If your cat is an outdoor cat, it usually devotes its energy to hunting and taking care of its territory. This day passes by capturing, exploring and tracking prey. Indoor cats have the same hunting and territorial needs, but since it is not accessible to nature, you need to activate and stimulate your cat in other ways.

Make sure the cat has an advanced berth that can follow the family’s activities and get calm. Here you can buy cat environments and scrape trees to serve this purpose. You can also let the cat into the window sill, where it can eagerly keep up with life outside. You can read about activating the includer here.

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