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Hairballs are part of the cat’s self-care

Most cat owners know the sound of cats coughing up hairballs. It may seem violent, but it’s very common and part of your behavioral self-care. However, you can still help the cat a little bit on the road.

Your cat is a very clean animal and spends several hours a day on fur hygiene. Therefore, it is very common in the “bath” where it swallows the hair and ends up in its stomach. Usually, your cat won’t notice it because the hair only passes through the digestive tract, but sometimes the hair can accumulate in the stomach and form a hair bun.

When is the hairball serious?

In the case of hair build-up, you may experience your cat coughing, slaping and vomiting. It’s normal, as a rule, that you shouldn’t worry about it, although it may look uncomfortable to the cat. If you feel your cat is more challenged to hairballs than usual, you should contact your veterinarian.

Notifications about cats:

  • Cough up the hairball and line up for a few days
  • Loss of appetite or lack of appetite
  • Cough without throwing a hairball

If you are the owner of a furry cat or a cat with many traps, you should pay special attention. Your cat also has an increased risk of hairballs when feeling empty food during the feeling and stomach.

Use prevention against hairballs

The best fight against hairballs is prevention. You can use the tips below for prevention and check out our full range of cat treatments.

Fur care

The easiest way to prevent bad hairballs is through good and regular fur care. It is important that your cat’s fur is brushed to keep it beautiful and shiny, but it is equally important to prevent the formation of large hairballs in your cat’s stomach. When you brush your cat, you remove loose hair and your cat will swallow it. Most cats also love to be brushed, so see fur care as quality time with your cat, where you can bond.

Read more about good fur care.


Simple and effective, you’ll get rid of the hairballs, give your cat snacks and treat them with very special ingredients. Many of these snacks and snacks contain malt, which actively prevents and reduces the formation of hairballs. The treatment of cat grass or containing cat grass also helps to promote cat digestion.

So when you still need to reward your cat for treatment, you can usefully choose such products and protect your cat from abdominal pain and vomiting.

Special foods

By changing the cat’s daily feed, you can easily reduce the number of hairballs. Several types of cat food contain specially selected ingredients that can control the number of hairballs and make it easier for them to pass through your cat’s system.

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