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Dog fur care is very important

Fur care may not sound like anything special, and this is rarely the first thing future dog owners are considering. However, as a dog owner, you need to know that it’s not just brushing dogs, some dog breeds need more fur care.

Beautiful and shiny coats come not only from good fur care, but also especially from a good dog food with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Perfect dog food, among other things, depends on the age and defects of the dog. Only in this way can combs and brushes help.

Good fur care depends on the breed of the dog

The requirements and quantity of fur care depend to a large extent on the breed of the dog. Generally speaking, the longer the fur, the more need to take care of it. Long coats filter quickly, and then the skin does not get air, skin inflammation or eczema may occur. However, it does not apply to all dogs.

Some dogs have a fur coat that more or less suits them and only needs to brush their teeth as needed. Other dogs eat non-stop for four years a year, so they need to brush their teeth every week. If you have a dog with a lot of traps, you can try adding salmon oil every day to reduce the drop.

No matter what breed of dog you have and what you need for fur care, most dogs like to be brushed regularly. There is a benefit to turning a dog from a puppy into it.

Daily fur care for dogs

Need your dog’s daily fur care, it is necessary to use a brush or comb, suitable for the dog’s fur type. You can find a variety of brushes such as rubber brush short hair breeds, bathtub dogs with thick bottoms and long-haired dogs and pig-haired brush dogs with smooth fur dogs.

Control fleas, lice and lice

If you want to make sure your dog doesn’t have fleas, check them once a week with a tight comb. The comb was pulled over the coat several times. If you see small varieties of dots in the coat that comes with the comb, place them on a damp paper towel. If they turn red, it’s a sign of flea feces, and the dog needs flea treatment.

It’s also an advantage to brush and browse the dog’s ticks – especially if you go for a walk in the forest or a place with long grass. Ticks are dangerous for dogs because they can spread diseases, such as Porella, making dogs very ill. If you find ticks, they can be removed by ticking rods, but you can also prevent them with a remedy, such as front-line combination veterinarians, also to prevent lice and fleas.

Read more about battle ticks.

Mow the grass and trim the dog

Puppies and dogs with similar fur types do not trap and do not have primers. In return, they need plenty of fur care and mowing grass about every three months at a professional dog barber shop unless you’re good at it yourself. It requires high quality scissors and machines, as well as different brushes, ridges and bathtubs.

Other varieties only need to be clamped in body parts, such as the head or claws. All rough hair varieties are best trimmed to keep their rough fur. It is used with a mower or your finger in the direction of hair growth, when the stride hair sits loose and ready to be replaced by new hair. Trim about every three to four months, and there may be a dog barber.

Give the dog a bath

Occasionally, you may need to bathe your dog. There are many different dog shampoos and preservatives that under normal circumstances you can use them without any problems.

We recommend KW products to keep the dog’s skin and fur in top condition and keep the coat shiny and clean. You will find shampoos in many flavors that cover every need.

How to bathe a dog

  • Make the coat completely with a brush, comb, or card so that it is not tangled. Separate the fur and ride from the bottom all the way to the tip. You can comb the long fur on your body, legs, tail and ears with a thick comb, and the fur behind your ears and on your head with a tight comb.
  • If the coating is very matte, use a filter crusher. It cut the fur knot. Remember to do it in the direction of the fur.
  • Soak the coat thoroughly with tempered water and mix 1 part shampoo with 3 parts of water in a mixing bottle.
  • Divide the mixture into coats and massage them into coats. Let it work for a few minutes.
  • Rinse the shampoo thoroughly with temperated water and repeat if your dog is dirty.
  • Mix 1 part balm and 3 parts of water in a mixing bottle, divide it into coats and massage. Let the ball work together for a few minutes.
  • Rinse the ball with tempered water and coat deeply. Then comb your coat with a brush, comb, or card.

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