Dogs and Chinese New Year’s Eve| how to keep your dog Chinese New Year’s Eve the night

Dogs are Chinese New Year’s Eve affected

If you are the owner of a dog, you may have experienced how Chinese New Year’s Eve your dog is on a night out. Dogs usually don’t like loud bangs, strange sounds and sudden flashes of light, so they can be marked at night by stress and discomfort.

You may have heard or seen a dog panic around the New Year and how it affects owners and dogs. Fortunately, most dogs are not as nervous as it is, but you still have to make your dog a comfortable Chinese New Year’s Eve night.

It’s hard to teach your dog to care, but with six simple suggestions, you can make your and your dog’s Chinese New Year’s Eve as comfortable as possible.

1 Milk Chinese New Year’s Eve different sounds of the night

Chinese New Year’s Eve most frightening for the dog on the night was the loud, unknown noise and bang from outside. We can also panic ourselves, but we can think about where the voice comes from, which is why we will be calm again.

Your dog can’t do this, so it doesn’t have the same chance to calm itself down. Before Chinese New Year’s Eve, the best thing you can do for your dog is get used to different sounds.

You can purchase CDs made for this purpose. The CD first makes a generally harmless sound to the dog, and then enters a more violent sound.

As a result, dogs get used to extraterrestary sounds and react to them – or very limitedly. This “Chinese New Year’s Eve therapy” began a few months before the start of the season.

2 Ventilate the dog in the early morning

Breathe the air as early as possible on New Year’s Day. This reduces the risk of setting off fireworks while walking. Walking may be longer than usual because it may make the dog more tired at night. It’s an advantage that you remember the belt so that the dog doesn’t run away in case it’s startled by a strange sound.

3 Draw the curtains

In addition to dogs’ Chinese New Year’s Eve night noises and alien sounds, many flashes can make dogs uncomfortable and scared. You can pull out the curtains in the house to minimize the flicker of light.

4 Play pleasant music

It’s also a good idea to play music to calm the dog down. Don’t play the music loudly so that the music drowns out the explosion, as it will only emphasize your dog further. Instead, finding a comfortable volume is constant and it can divert the dog’s attention from the outside sounds.

5 Treat the dog

In addition to using music as a diversion, it may be a good idea to give the dog a delicious bone, treatment or some other snack. Usually you shouldn’t give your dog too much hospitality, but on Chinese New Year’s Eve night, it’s completely fine to treat the dog.

Just as you connect your candy and snacks to Hagrid, dogs do the same, and it produces a calming effect at night. It also diverts the dog’s attention from unpleasant noises.

6 Don’t leave the dog alone

Generally speaking, dogs should not be alone Chinese New Year’s Eve night. Your dog needs to know you’re nearby, so it can seek comfort if it needs it. Therefore, we recommend that you stay at home with your dog. In this way, it is in the safest environment.

It is not a good idea to bring the dog home to friends and acquaintances, unless the home is familiar and safe and you can be allowed to draw curtains and adjust the music volume. Unfortunately, dogs rarely feel completely safe in foreign families, so we always advise you to stay at home with your dog.

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