Dog training | how do you train your dog?

2 Dog training and the right rewards

During dog training, the right reward is just that your dog finds it attractive. If the reward is not interesting, the dog will soon find the dog training boring. Instead, an attractive reward will interest your dog and make sure your dog will learn more because it knows it’s a reward well. What reward is to hit your dog like a toy alone.

In choosing food and dog snacks, you’ll find simply as well as soft and padded, all of which have different flavors, from poultry to venfe to beef. You can be useful in finding special exercise treatments that are perfect in their mouth size and easy to chew for your dog.

When choosing the right reward, the most important thing is that you find the texture and taste your dog likes.

3 Dog training at the right time

The idea of rewarding during dog training is to teach a dog that when it performs certain movements, it is rewarded. Your dog should link certain behaviors to connivance and praise. Once your dog connects an action to your positive reaction, it will naturally want to perform the action again.

Reward your dog at the right time immediately after it performs the desired action. For example, if you ask your dog to lie down, command “TIRE! The dog will then connect this particular order with positive reactions and rewards.

The most effective is to stick to the phrase “one action, one treatment”. Treatments and snacks are usually high in calories and should not be overdosed. It is understandable that you want to pamper your dog, but give the dog a whole one at a time without a positive impact on the dog’s training. If it gets only one processing for each operation it performs, it naturally performs multiple operations to get more processing.

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