Dog rules in the car

Tips for transporting dogs

  • There is no law on dogs in the car, but it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe
  • Loose dogs pose a significant safety risk to you and your dog
  • Dog seat belts prevent your dog from being left in the car
  • Transport cages make sure the dog stays where you put them
  • Cold and hot weather has played a role in the safety of your dog

Rules and laws for driving a dog

Currently, there are no rules or laws to determine how you transport your dog in your car, but as a dog owner and driver, you are of course responsible for the safety of your passengers – including your dog’s.

A loose dog in the car may look comfortable and interesting, but in unfortunate circumstances it can have fatal consequences for you and your dog.

Tie the dog with a dog belt

Your dog may like to sit in the front seat loose, but if you brake too hard or crash, it may be thrown into the windshield. Of course, no dog owner wants this, but if your dog is not caught in the car, this is a risk.

Just as your own seat belt increases your safety, a good dog seat belt will ensure that your dog does not throw it in the car and cause injury.

You can get different types of dog rabbits that adapt to the size of your dog, which is also comfortable and durable material. If you buckle your dog, it won’t disturb and distract you while driving to ensure a safe and safe ride.

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