Cut it on the cat | how do you cut your nails on the cat?

Can a cat cut its paws?

The question is not whether you really should do this, but whether it is necessary to cut off your paws. Most cats don’t need to cut their paws.

When you see your cat go crazy on a scraper or a tree in the garden, it’s because they’re laughing with their paws. Calling back ensures that the cat’s paws are sharp, but it helps to wear out the claws and remove loose old claws. In other words, cats must “cut” their paws.

Indoor cats may have problems with their paws

However, when a cat needs your help to catch its paws, it still happens. Cats’ paws should be cut, often depending on whether they are indoor or outdoor.

Outdoor cats naturally wear their paws, use them as a defense against other animals, and catch them when they are about to fall. Therefore, there is usually no need to cut your outdoor cat’s paws.

If you have an indoor cat, please note that it does not have the same ability to pierce its paws. Therefore, the controller may need to cut the paws, but only if they cause problems.

How to cut off a cat’s paws

If your cat is not used to cutting its paws, it may take a little preparation before the cat is fully adapted to the situation. You can start by hugging its front paws and gradually increasing your grip on your paws. Once your cat is used to touching, it’s easier for you to quietly cut your paws while you embrace them.

Get the best experience for your cat with nail scissors. Nail scissors help you not cut too many paws so your cat doesn’t feel pain.

When cutting your paws, cut only a few millimeters at a time. This will ensure that you do not cut into the cat’s blood vessels and nerves.

The white tip of the claw is made up of dead tissue, just like your own fingernails, where you can cut it and the cat doesn’t notice anything. You need to cut so that there are several millimeters of claws to the end to the blood vessels. So avoid your cat’s sore paws and you can still crawl around.

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