Cats’ teeth | read all about good dentistry and brushing

Cat dentistry

Our human dentistry includes a good game brush sooner or later. You brush your teeth for the same reason that you should. For cats, there are three ways to take care of your teeth:

  • Brush your teeth regularly

The cat brushes its teeth

Brushing your teeth daily removes bacterial coatings that form on your teeth and then turn into plaques. If you don’t brush your teeth, the coating eventually accumulates and turns into a limestone.

Most importantly, cats are at high risk of developing enteritis, which eventually develops into a disease. In this regard, you need to pay attention to whether the cat’s breathing is unpleasant, whether there is pain in vision. If you develop symptoms, contact your veterinarian to check on your cat and give it the right treatment.

How to teach a cat how to brush its teeth

If you start as a child, your cat will learn the simplest way to brush your teeth. However, you can also teach an older cat how to brush its teeth, and the procedure here will be the same. Brushing your teeth is easier if you walk slowly and make the cat connect it for fun time. If necessary, try dipping your toothbrush in a small can of food and letting your cat lick it clean.

When you pull out your toothbrush, your cat will quickly learn to get everything on its own. In this case, hold canned food instead of treating your cat. Brush one or two teeth and give the cat a treat as a reward. Then you increase the number of teeth every day until you can finally brush them all.

Brushing your teeth is necessary, but does not need to be a hard work experience or responsibility, either for you or for a cat. Remember to end up treated with a cat or a fun game, so the cat experiences brushing as something positive.

Feeding with special foods

“You are what you eat, ” the phrase also applies to your cat. The composition and quality of the feed you give your cat is an important factor in good dentistry. If you want to prevent plaque and liquor, you should feed special foods for this purpose.

Ask animal experts at your nearest plant center what advice they can recommend.

Annual veterinary examination

Although regular brushing and proper feeding can be a long way off, it is important to take the cat for a veterinary check-up every six months or every year. Here, veterinarians conduct regular health checks to check for broken or damaged gums, teeth, and other oral diseases.

You are doing a great service for your cat because diseases related to bad teeth are detected in advance.

Symptoms of bad teeth in cats

When it comes to teeth, cats, like humans, rely on good dental care to reduce the risk of serious dental disease. Several studies have shown that 80% of 2-year-old adult cats have some degree of paralysis and should be treated.

Therefore, it is important that you control as a cat owner and prevent these problems from regularly brushing your teeth and dentistry.

Your veterinarian is best at finding any dental problems, but you can also help control the cat’s teeth. What you need to focus on:

  • Red line along gum line (gingivitis)

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