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No one wants kittens

Few things are as cute as kittens, but there are so many people born every year that no one cares. As a result, too many kittens and cats live sad lives of failure, hunger and disease.
Shelters in this country do great work every day to save many cats and give them a better life, but every summer they succumb to kitten pressure. However, this situation can easily solve the problem of all cat owners being responsible for their own cats.


The title with the cat owner comes a lot of wonderful time for fun, play and hugs, which is also a great responsibility. While this is an amazing experience to see your cat get kittens, in many cases it can be difficult to find a permanent and good home for kittens.

Therefore, the Jydsk Jockey Club’s recommendation is that all cats without breeding targets should be in the same way. As a cat owner, you are responsible for the kittens your cat gives birth to, even if you can’t find a new home for them.

The benefits of a middle

Female cats mature around 6-10 months old, and around the same time, male cats become sexually mature. A cat can give birth to 2-3 kittens per year, each with 2-8 kittens, so in a year you may get more than 20 kittens and you need to provide a safe and wonderful life.

Both female and male cats can be mesoth at 3-4 months of age in veterinarians, but only before they reach 8-10 months old. Although the cat’s meso is early, it has no developmental problems. Instead, you get a more balanced and comfortable cat.

Unsymonscionable cats tend to wander around, often in danger of being killed or fighting in traffic for several days. The risk of cat infection with CAT AIDS (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV) has also increased. Illness you as a cat owner must be taken seriously because they are all deadly.

Some studies have also shown that oral contraceptives have negative health effects on women by increasing the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cysts. Therefore, the Jydsk Jockey Club recommends that cat owners go to the middle because it has greater benefits for the cat’s health.

Cat label

As with meso, as a cat owner, marking a cat with a tattoo or chip is an advantage. When you feel the cat, you realize your ownership, and when the cat is registered with the Danish Cat Register, there is a greater chance that it will go home if it has been lost.

Several veterinarians in the same occasion and label the cat, so it only needs one visit. Consult your specific situation with a recent veterinarian and have a happier, healthier cat.

Source: Jedske Jockey Club

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