Cat-friendly plants | are there suitable plants for cats?

Cats can’t tolerate all kinds of plants

Many cats like plants, but are born with instincts and taste buds to help them assess whether plants are safe to eat. However, it still happens that the cat’s curiosity wins, and in some cases it can have dangerous consequences for our dear animals.

Symptoms of poisoning

If you have a cat that likes to taste your flowers and plants, it may be a good idea to put poisonous plants in one place and cats can’t access them or take them completely from your home. If you have plants in your home that cats can’t tolerate, if you have cats, contact your veterinarian:

  • Vomiting for long periods of time

Toxic plants and flowers

The most common plants that cats cannot tolerate are:

For a complete list of plants that cats can’t tolerate, visit

Cat-friendly plants

Just because a cat reacts strongly to your greenery doesn’t mean that the green home is completely excluded. Instead, you can buy cat-friendly plants such as cats and blue edges.

This cat-loving plant cat is known for attracting cats and changing their behavior. Most women like cat herbs because the plant’s very special smell is reminiscent of male brown hemolybin. The woman’s reaction is to rub herself by the cat herb, roll around, make noise and droole. However, how their behavior changes is different for cats. Some cats became very playful, running around, and some became drowsy and calm. In addition, the blue edge of the plant is a cat-friendly plant because it has the same effect on the cat’s herbs.

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