Can’t you tolerate a dog? Read about dangerous Christmas food here

legs and skin

Many families eat poultry at Christmas, leaving bones and skin behind. The problem with the legs is that they split easily and get stuck in the dog’s mouth, throat or stomach. Poultry skin usually contains a lot of fat, which can cause inflammation of the pancreas.


The basic accessories for Christmas food are too salty and contain too much fat for dogs to benefit from.

Onions and garlic

Sometimes dogs come up with something to creak, which is amazing. For a variety of onions, garlic, coriander, leeks and leeks, they can cause stomach irritation and anemia in dogs. So make sure they’re out of range, rather than giving the dog something more suitable for chewing.

Grapes and raisins

Experts can’t explain why they’re poisonous and how many dogs can tolerate them. Some dogs can eat some, very sick, while others can eat some, unaffected. The only sure way is to keep them away from your dog.

Fruits and grains

Some dogs like fruits, such as sweet Clementine and apples, and it’s easy to moderate them. It is important to remove all stones or grains from the fruit before it is given to the dog because they contain toxic cyanide.

Dairy products

A dog’s digestive system is not enthusiastic about lactose, so eating too much dairy from a dog stimulates its stomach. This also applies to foods in which milk or cream is an ingredient.


Macadamia nuts, walnuts and salted peanuts don’t help dogs. Macadamia nuts have particularly adverse side effects such as weakness, depression, tremors, vomiting and fever. Other nuts may be perfectly eaten for your dog. To be safe, you should keep all nuts away from dog sweets.


Many dog owners are aware of the dangers of chocolate, but it’s easy to forget during the holidays. The effect of beautiful chocolate on dogs is not so wonderful. They contain the drug bromamine, which can trigger seizures and irregular heartbeats, as well as stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Even in very small doses, chocolate can have a deadly effect.


Christmas means all forms of homemade cookies, but keep uno baked dough away from dogs. Raw dough ferments in the dog’s stomach, causing discomfort and pain. When you bake a Christmas cake for your family, treat the dog with a delicious treat.


Dogs’ weight and teeth don’t benefit from sugary foods, which is why it’s a bad idea to share risala with your furry friends. Risalas, apple slices and other delicious Christmas deserts also often contain dairy products, nuts and chocolate to stay away from dogs.


Chewing gum and candy often contain the sugary substance glycol, which can cause blood sugar levels in dogs to drop suddenly. Your dog may start vomiting, trembling and twitching, and become unconscious in very severe cases. So leave these Christmas presents on yourself.

Dog-friendly Christmas care

Although the dog is not allowed to taste your lovely Christmas present, you can easily mark it with Christmas joy with extra care. You can make or buy an advent calendar filled with 24 of your dog’s favorite foods. You can also buy a large chewing bone that the dog can enjoy before Christmas.

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