Can a cat see it in the dark? Learn about the senses of all cats on this page

cat’s ears

Your cat makes the most of its big pointed ears so that it can pick up and separate very loud sounds – even better than humans and dogs. The cat shines, and it detects sound with 80,000 oscillations per second. It may not sound like anything, but one can only hear 20, 0 and dog 35,000. So your cat’s hearing is completely uncocotable.

The cat uses its unique hearing to locate its prey. Its ears can rotate independently, which is useful for your cat to determine the origin of sound. Cats can incredibly sound eight centimetres apart.

cat’s eyes

Vision is unique to our dear cat. By expanding their students, they see the world from a panoramic perspective. This means that their vision is peripheral and can help them capture the movements of birds or mice from a broader perspective than humans. This also means that there is a blind spot under the cat’s chin.

Another very special feature of the cat’s eyes is that you may have noticed its night vision. The eyes have a particularly light reflective layer that makes them glow – almost like two laser beams – so that your cat can see in the dark.

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