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What should a cat eat?

Initially, cats were fed by prey it could catch, but now the vast majority of domestic cats are fed by their owners. This is especially true for home cats, which tend to supplement their feed with hunting chas. Ideally, you should feed the cat raw food, such as chicken liver, because it is most similar to its natural diet.

For many cat owners, it is not possible to serve raw food every day, but wet food can help. Wet food contains high levels of animal nutrition and contains a lot of fluids that your cat benefits from.

You can also feed with dry food. Just know if it contains all the necessary nutrients and is made up of delicious, high-quality ingredients. Cats are carnivores, and their health depends on the nutrients in the meat. Therefore, it is important that the feed contains animal protein.

How long a cat eats depends on the habits it gives to the cat. Most cats usually eat many small meals during the day. If your cat is fed a good feed, you can expect it to eat 40-70 grams of food a day.

You should consider this

Your cat’s feed must be a complete diet that is balanced at the same time. Complete foods cover your cat’s basic nutritional needs, and balanced foods take into account your cat’s special needs. There are three things you should keep in mind:

  • Your cat’s special needs and race

Feed kittens, adult cats and old cats

Your cat’s nutritional needs are greatly influenced by age. Like people, the needs of cats vary depending on whether they are kittens, adult cats, or advanced cats.

Kittens (under 1 year of age) need to be fully fed to ensure it grows balanced and harmonious while strengthening its immune system. The best kitten feed must have a high energy content that gives your little tiger enough energy.

A healthy, normal-weight adult cat (1-7 years old) needs regular food maintenance. In other words, the energy content of the feed is balanced so that your cat’s nutritional needs can be met. If your cat has any health problems or if it is in the middle, you should choose a special food that only considers its condition.

An older cat (8 years and older) benefits from feed, which helps longer, healthier cat life. Your senior cat will be less active and less adaptable to stress and illness. Therefore, you should choose foods that reduce the risk of disease and help keep your cat healthy for as long as possible.

If you make sure you feed the cat according to its age, you help improve its quality of life and increase its life expectancy. It will give you a few years with your cat.

Feeding cats, outdoor cats and middle-of-the-world cats

The nutritional needs of all cats depend on how much energy they consume each day. Indicates that very little energy is used. Therefore, it does not require high energy content of feed. If you give your food wrong, it’s at risk of becoming overweight because it won’t burn almost as many calories as an outdoor cat. Instead, choose a diet that lowers fat content to reduce your cat’s risk of gaining weight.

Outdoor cats have a high level of activity. It spends hours a day hunting and patrolling, which requires a feed that can give it a lot of energy. Choose high-energy, antioxidant and fish oil feeds to boost your cat’s immune system, joints, and muscles.

If your cat is sealed, you should be aware of the increased risk of being overweight. Your cat usually becomes calmer, reducing calorie burning. Therefore, you should choose a feed that takes into account the lower metabolism and combustion of the medium cat. Proper cat food will maintain an ideal weight.

Meet special needs and ethnic feeds

If your cat has very special needs in the form of fur or skin, you should choose a feed that consists of care. Among other things, you will find that food is suitable for many cat traps, cats have long beautiful fur. Fur and skin care products are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which enhance skin softness and make coats soft and shiny.

If you own a horse-racing cat, you must know what makes it different and makes it special. The composition and appearance of your breed impose certain requirements on the feed to put your cat for example, a handsome long-haired Maine Kuhn, without the same feeding solution as hairless Sphynx. So choose the feed designed for your race cat.

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