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Why is dog training important?

To understand why dog training is important to your dog, it is necessary to give a brief introduction to the origin of the dog. Modern dogs are thought to have originated from extinct wolf species that were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago.

So the wolf is the ancestor of today’s family dog. Although dogs and wolves have evolved very differently, dogs still have something in common with wolves in terms of behavior and genetics.

Training activates impulses and senses

Dogs have the same basic impulses as wolves, but because dogs live in human conditions, they don’t have the same impulses as wolves, and they don’t fully activate the senses.

For example, when wolves activate smell, vision, and hearing by hunting their prey, the dog’s senses are not activated while eating. We humans are both “prisoners” of dogs (buy) and “cooks” (service) of food. A dog should do nothing without stimulating its hunting instincts or activating the senses.

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Training stimulates hunting instincts

Modern dogs may have become dependent on humans to provide meals, but as dog owners, it’s still important to recognize the hunting instincts of dogs and activate the senses – that’s where dog training comes into play. Through careful design and professional dog training, dogs activate their instincts and senses in a way that most dog owners do not have the resources to provide dogs at home.

Training is good and fun to unite

In addition to dog training to enhance the dog’s natural impulses and senses, dog training will also give you a deeper understanding of your dog – how it learns best and how it works in different situations. In addition, dog training will give you a lot of time to interact happily with your dog and other dog owners and their four-legged friends.

No matter what breed, age or function your dog has, the invitation is to train your dog. Training has too many benefits not to be able to.

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