A negative cat or an outdoor cat? Get advice on the blog

A negative cat or an outdoor cat?

Should a cat indicate a cat or an outdoor cat? This is a question that many newly hatched cat owners ask themselves, and the answers share water. Making the right decision can be difficult, so read some of the pros and cons here.

When you have to choose whether your cat should live indoors or outdoors, there are three aspects, especially indoor cats and outdoor cats are different. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to decide what’s the right choice. Areas to note include:

The health of the cat

You need to be aware of the risks you take by putting your cat outside. Several diseases, such as cat leukemia and cat-assisted, carried by other cats, may infect your cat. You should also pay attention to lice, fleas, earworms and worms.

Outdoor cats should be between, labeled and vaccinated before release. If you do these things, you reduce the risk of unnecessary kittens entering the world and your cats getting life-threatening diseases. Take your cat to the vet at least once a year and check it out. You can then significantly reduce the risk of outdoor cats.

Indoor cats are not subject to the same health threats as outdoor cats. However, it is still a good idea to make it middle, ID labeled and vaccinated.

Cat is safe

Before you put the cat, you should also consider the security risks it causes. Outdoor cats may not necessarily travel alone, but they may also travel between other animals, people and cars. It’s all a potential threat to cats.

Although the cat is a skilled hunter with sharp teeth and claws, it does not always resist dogs and other wild animals. Injuries to wild animals and dogs can be very serious and can be fatal in some bad cases.

Remember, as a cat owner, you must be familiar with the order of field and road peace.

Controllers will not have to protect themselves from other animals and therefore will not risk harm or, in the worst case, lose their lives.

Cat environment

Even if having an indoor cat is good for health and safety, you should consider whether it’s the right choice. Especially when it comes to the environmental challenges of cassette tape.

Outdoor activation and stimulation occur completely automatically when it hunts prey and monitors its territory. So when it runs around and explores, it burns a lot of energy.

The sealing device does not have the same possibility of activation and stimulation as it is located behind the four walls of the home. The only interaction they have with other lives is you, which is why it is your responsibility and your cat is neither bored nor stressed.

An instruction that requires the use of his senses as much as his hunting instincts for outdoor cats, which requires you to do more work. You can buy activation toys that give you physical and mental stimulation during the day. You can also set up food at home to arouse the cat’s curiosity.

In addition, you can create cat-suitable decorations. Put a shelf on the shelf where the cat can monitor the room, or give it a place on the window sill where it can monitor the outside world.

Should a cat indicate a cat or an outdoor cat?

The short answer to this question is that you only know yourself. Before you bring your cat home, consider the health, safety and environmental challenges of outdoor and indoor cats. In this way, you make the decision that best suits you and your cat.

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