5 tips for | cold dogs and hot dogs in summer

How to calm the dog down

Finally, it has become summer, and many of us enjoy the summer heat. However, it can be difficult to keep our dogs warm, so here you get 5 tips on how to cool the dog in the heat.

1 A cool area is provided in the garden

When you’re in the garden, it’s important that your dog always has a chance to look for shade. Like us, dogs overheat for long periods of time in the sun.

Bigger shrubs and trees and good colorizers. If you don’t have any more plants in the garden, you can find a parasol that the dog might be under. This makes it easier for dogs to cope with the summer heat in the garden.

2 Cool the dog with a swimming pool or cooling pad

The swimming pool with cold water is ideal for cooling water dogs. The bathing pool makes it easy for dogs to swim when the summer heat becomes too much. It can also simply dip its paws in cold water to regulate body heat. The water temperature should be about 15-20 plus C.

However, not all dogs naturally seek water, which is why cooling pads are a good alternative to baths. The cooling pad keeps the dog cool on hot days by absorbing the body heat and sending the dog’s body temperature into the air through evaporation.

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