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By Nisus Software Inc.

Word processing is one of the most important tasks we perform on our personal computers. We use word processors to create letters, invoices, legal briefs, term papers, and on and on. Any personal computing platform without a good word processor won’t survive for long. Nisus Writer Pro, by Nisus Software Inc., is the best Mac word processor.

In addition to basic text and formatting, in Nisus Writer Pro you can add shapes and lines to your document. You can customize their appearance with stroke settings, gradient fills, and shadows, and you have several options to control how the text in your document flows around the shapes. Shapes can hold their own text, and you can set text to flow between shapes. That makes it easy to set up columns where text that overflows from column 1 appears in column 2.

Nisus Writer Pro has other features you find in the most-advanced word processors. Things like comments, footnotes and endnotes, tables, mail merge, and change tracking. Nisus Writer Pro can even auto-generate an index for the content in your document, complete with multiple styling options.

Nisus Writer Pro plays nice with others. Rather than create its own document format, Nisus Writer Pro adopted rich text format as its file format. That means that any word processor or text editor that can open RTF documents, which is just about every one of them, can also open Nisus documents. Nisus Writer Pro supports import and export of HTML, as well as Word (both .doc and DOCX). Nisus exports to PDF and EPUB – its PDF documents include table of contents, comments, and intra-document links. Finally, if you happen to be a die-hard WordPerfect user, or just have some WordPerfect documents laying around, Nisus can import them.

Nisus Writer Pro has everything you need and more for superb word processing. For Mac word processing, it’s the best app around.