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By Karelia Software

Apple at one time published a website creation app called iWeb, as part of their iLife suite. iWeb is no longer supported, but not because there’s any less need for easy website creation. There are several website development apps for the Mac, but the best web design software for Mac is Sandvox, by Karelia Software.

With Sandvox, you can get a great-looking website built quickly. Start with one of Sandvox’s site designs, then drag-and-drop your content – images, text, and video. Sandvox makes it easy to add a blog, create a photo gallery, integrate with Twitter and Facebook, and more.

As you build your website, the pages you add appear in the “site outline” at the left side of the Sandvox document window. The site outline shows you the overall structure of your website. Once you’re ready, publish your new site to the world. Sandvox makes it easy to add custom settings like site passwords.

Sandvox websites are based on HTML 5, which means they follow the latest web standards. You don’t need to know any HTML or other web stuff to build a site in Sandvox, but if you do want to tinker you can insert raw HTML by adding an HTML object to a page.

Sandvox is great for building websites large and small. For iWeb refugees, Sandvox comes with an “extractor” that can help you migrate your content to a new Sandvox site. Sandvox is website creation that is as easy to use as the Mac.