Best Web Browser For Mac

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Google Chrome

By Google, Inc.

Does your web browser take a long time to load pages? Or to become the active app when you click on it in the dock? Does it bog down when you have lots of windows or tabs open? If so, stop suffering with Safari and make the switch to Google Chrome, by Google, Inc., the best browser for Mac.

Google Chrome is web browsing as it should be: fast, fast, and fast. Most browsers use some variant of the “Webkit” engine, which means they behave and render pages about the same. This leaves speed as the last real differentiator. Safari was the speed king when it debuted, and we couldn’t imagine anyone ever beating Apple at its own game (software). That’s why we used to tell ourselves that the network must be slow, our machine must be bogged down, “DNS” must be hosed, or 8Gb just isn’t enough memory to handle all my open tabs….

Then we tried Google Chrome, and we were shocked. No matter how many windows and tabs you throw at it, Chrome stays as nimble as TextEdit (well, pre-Lion TextEdit that is). The application weighs in at almost 400Mb, but somehow maintains a small “memory footprint.” That’s geek speek for it not hogging up all of your computer’s RAM, which means it plays nice with all the other apps running on your Mac. Chrome was the first browser with innovations like the “Omnibox,” a single text field that accepts both web addresses and search queries. Chrome is not only the performance leader, it’s also the only app that’s innovating in an software category that had been standing still.

Hands down, Google Chrome is the best web browser for Mac. It’s an impressive achievement, and a huge asset to Mac users.