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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

By Adobe Systems Incorporated

If you’re a professional digital photographer, you have a few big problems. You have to manage and sort through the hundreds of photos each photo shoot generates. You have to edit photos to bring out their best qualities. And you have to manage a photo library in the tens of thousands of photos. Luckily there’s Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, form Adobe Systems Incorporated, which streamlines the entire process of importing, editing, organizing, and ranking your photos.

Lightroom is organized around “modules” that are like the different stations in a photo lab. For example, the Library module has tools for managing your digital photo library, while the Develop module helps you crop, edit, and enhance your photos (using technology borrowed from Photoshop). One great feature of the Develop module is how it creates “non-destructive” edits—in other words, no matter how many changes you make you can always revert to your original photo. Lightroom saves edits as sets of editing instructions rather than as new photos, so you don’t chew up disk space with every photo change.

Other modules include Slideshow, Print, and Web. The Web module makes it easy to create online galleries of your photos. One nice feature is Lightroom’s “Soft Proofing” which will show you the problem areas your photos will have when printed. Soft Proofing doesn’t correct the problems automatically—you have to do that yourself by adjusting the hue and saturation in those spots—but it will help avoid the disappointment of a photo that looks great on the screen not looking so hot on paper.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the best photo editor for Mac.