Best Personal Finance Software For Mac

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By The Infinite Kind

When it comes to personal finance software, there are a lot of apps to choose from. Moneydance, by The Infinite Kind, is the best personal finance software for Mac.

Moneydance is easy to use and comes loaded with all the features you need for online banking, bill payment, account management, budgeting. and tracking your investments. Moneydance begins at the “home page,” which displays an overview of your finances, including your account balances. You’ll also see reminders for any payment schedules you’ve set up for recurring transactions. Moneydance can automatically download transactions and send payments online through hundreds of financial institutions, and it automatically learns how to categorize the transactions it downloads. Moneydance even has mobile companion apps, so you can check and update your accounts on your iPhone or iPad.

Beyond checking and savings accounts, you can use Moneydance to follow your investments. Moneydance can track stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, and more. You can see the total value of your investment accounts, or the performance of individual stocks and mutual funds over time.

Moneydance can read Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) documents, so you can easily import your old Quicken account info. That’s welcome news to anyone looking to make a fresh start from Quicken.

If you’re looking for personal finance software, check out Moneydance. It’s the best personal finance software for Mac.