Best Music Notation Software Mac

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By MakeMusic, Inc.

Serious musicians need powerful software to capture their compositions. The best Mac music notation software is Finale, by MakeMusic, Inc.

Finale is powerful software for creating, editing, playing, printing, and publishing musical scores. You can enter notes by scanning sheet music, importing MIDI or other music file types, or by just playing the notes using a MIDI keyboard. You can also tap in the notes using your keyboard or mouse. Once you’ve got performances entered in, it’s easy to do things like move measures around and change keys. Finale will let you know when a part is out of range for its instrument. Finale’s input and editing options make it the best Mac music composition software.

Finale’s playback features let you hear your score at any point. Finale includes world-class instrument sounds so your scores sound great. Finale includes a feature called “Human Playback” which adds the feeling and phrasing of a human to the computer performance. Rather than listen to stiff computer output, you get more a of feel for how your score will really sound when performed by people.

When you’re ready to share your music, Finale’s export options make it easy to get your creation out to the world. Finale includes several document styles for generating PDFs and printed output. The styles are fully customizable, giving you control over everything from fonts to chord symbols to lyrics. For electronic distribution, you can generate MIDI or MusicXML files, as well as audio files.

For professional-grade Mac music notation software, pick up a copy of Finale.