Best Microsoft OneNote For Mac Alternative

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Circus Ponies NoteBook

By Circus Ponies Software, Inc.

Most Windows users switching to the Mac are happy never to look back. For some, however, there are a number of apps they can’t live without. Typically these are the Microsoft Office apps, and luckily Microsoft makes a version of Office for the Mac.

But Microsoft does not make a Mac version of their OneNote note taking and organizing app. If OneNote is an app you can’t live without, you’re in luck – there’s a OneNote alternative available on the Mac that will meet your needs, called Circus Ponies NoteBook by Circus Ponies Software, Inc.

NoteBook pre-dates OneNote by a decade (Microsoft has never been shy about copying good ideas). The two apps look remarkably similar, with a “notebook” interface of pages and tabs, and ruled paper where you enter your notes, outlines, diagrams, to dos, and more. But where OneNote has basic text search, NoteBook wins with its “Multidex” search system that helps you find notes by whatever little bit you remember about them. Circus Ponies also makes a version of NoteBook that runs on the iPad and syncs documents between the two platforms, so you can have your notes at your desk and on the road.

If you’re a OneNote diehard or casual fan, you will feel right at home in NoteBook. Circus Ponies even created a guide to help you with the transition to NoteBook. NoteBook is the best Microsoft OneNote for Mac alternative.